Welcome to the Happiest place in Bandra

Months ago my sister pulled me to a fancy looking hair studio; excited and thrilled. Obviously, I didn’t want to break her excitement so I obliged with a rather big smile on my face. Little did I know that I was about to enter the dome of one of the quirkiest ladies I have ever met. I met the owner and left as soon as possible.

Inside Happy in the Head hair studio in Bandra West

But then about last week when I was getting desperate to chop-off my man bun, I thought of no one else but Avani Yashwin. Because honestly I wanted to chop my hair, I was also in the mood to splurge, but on the same hand I wanted a cool hairdo too. I walked in, and as luck would have it Avani’s appointments were running super late. She talked me out of getting a haircut, and while brushing through my hair she said, “What is that?” She was rather perturbed looking at my caramel brown hair streaks gone bad. “I went dipping in Goan waters,” I replied promptly. “Hell yeah you did,” her reaction was quicker than mine. With what had been a conversation that began with her envious look at my hairdo and my hair texture, was now turning a little scary. “Why don’t we colour this then? I asked Avani, trying to save whatever was left of my dignity. “I have always wanted ash grey hair streaks,” I added. I was almost about to add something more to get back my confidence, but Avani interrupted, “That’ll be so cool.” The next five hours of my stay at the studio went into bleaching my hair pearl white, getting it coloured and knowing that I have to return the next day for a touch up. This could have been easily spent in distress – worrying about the final look, but I knew there was nothing my hair had to worry about, I had Avani!

Avani Yashwin, Owner, Happy in the Head

Avani Yashwin, polished her skills at BBlunt and took advanced training at Vidal Sassoon Hair School in London. And after having invested over two years at Mad O Wat, she set out to establish her own venture. Avani began Happy in the Head in 2011, as a humble salon at her home in Sion, but her eyes were set to the goal and she eventually entered the good old Bandra in December 2014. Beginning with her colleague from Mad O Wot, Gurbani, today Happy in the Head houses the coolest chicas in town. Dipped in eccentric colours and the quirkiest hairdos, these ladies make such a lovely united team that you might make an appointment with one, but they all contribute to give you the final results.

Happy in the Head is one of those rare hair studios which does not care about raking in the moolah. No seriously! Avani and her team know hair well. Over and above that, they get to know their clients and trust me if you’re planning to get rid of the hair that is almost touching your ass, you don’t want to go to someone who doesn’t get hair! Happy in the Head girls are my favourite hair stylists. I have been there once, but I know I am going to be a regular.

Team Happy in the Head: Avani, Preci, Gurbani and Ankita

But above all, Avani is a people’s person! Her gleaming eyes, her graceful charm and her genuine concern for your hair makes you happy the moment you enter the studio. She’s perpetually excited – don’t be surprised if she starts dancing while cutting your hair –  she’s amusing and loves to switch topics from cats, to eating joints, to phones to asking for four types of tea she loves to serve you with. Avani might call it Happy in the Head, but she’s made sure every single thing is happy – the books like Dalai Lama and his Cat or Jane Austen’s Emma, the cats and dogs going in or out, the unfinished walls, distressed coloured wooden panels or the painted Beatles mural quoting, “All you need is love,” right opposite the quote, “Love is all you need.”


While exiting the studio, Avani insisted I did a photo session with her, and I was just beginning to adjust to my new hair colour. Making me feel more courageous and confident about the new look, Avani made sure I walked exalted with the experience and definitely – happy with my head!

Haircuts start Rs. 1000 onwards; book an appointment before dropping in!

How to get there: Happy in the Head, Shop no 1, Mangal Kunj, next to Dhoop, in the National College lane, Bandra (West), Mumbai. Phone: 022 6562 2325

View the Facebook page here. Also checkout the hair stories of many clients on their Instagram page here.


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