IMG-20150206-WA0000.jpgOf my several attempts at blogging, all failed. Kinda. All of them were a result of an assignment. I was forced to punch in x number of posts or fail. Interestingly, I always managed to touch the bar and get a good grade. But college got over in the summer of 2015. Life has kinda begun for me. Work keeps me on my toes. Life at my work place is only a little like they showed in The Devil Wears Prada. That is true for any fashion magazine actually, the perks don’t start at Anne Hathaway’s level; no I am not an assistant. Currently I am a writer for the website at ELLE India. Anyway, blogging is not second nature to me. I do enough writing anyway. But I realised that blogging is a good way to share with people what I think and keep to myself or at max share it with my besties!

Well this is why The Braid Book was created. I know it cues towards hairstyles, but why can’t ideas be braided? Just like different strings of hair are tied together to create a braided hairstyle, The Braid Book is a blog that blends films and culture in one place. I will try my best to keep up with this space along with my work. I promise.

Enjoy reading!


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